Name Necklaces Buying Guide

What is a great jewelry piece that works equally well as a gift for another as well as a gift for yourself? Name necklaces are taking over the jewelry landscape.

Carrie wearing the name necklace in the Sex and the City. | Photo: Marie Claire
What is a name necklace? A name necklace is a customized piece of jewelry that features an individual’s name. The TV show Sex and the City popularized this necklace style. The character, Carrie, wore the necklace throughout the entire show. brands that offer high-quality name necklaces.

Why name necklaces have become popular


Name necklaces are not a new trend. Their popularity started in the 80s, signified by urban culture. The goal was to express everyone’s most unique identifier: their own name.

We have been seeing a resurgence of name necklaces in recent years. Celebrities, such as Beyonce and Kate Middleton, have been spotted wearing personalized name necklaces.

Name necklaces have a retro flair. But the name necklaces today are more dazzling and creative.

With improved jewelry making technology, there are more name necklace options. You can change the font, you have different material options, and other customization preferences.

Creating name jewelry today is also easier now compared to previous years. All the buyer needs to do is enter their name or the name of a loved one into the order form. From here, jewelers use state-of-the-art equipment to engrave the name in the metal.

Thanks to advanced drill cutting machines, creating name necklaces is not only more effective but also more efficient. You’ll receive your necklace quickly.

More people are also wearing name necklaces that signify another loved one. You commonly see necklaces bearing the wearer’s child’s name or even their parents’ names.

Different name necklace classifications

Before ordering your custom name necklace, it’s important to know the different name necklace classifications and what they mean. Here are the most common options.

Metals and material

The most common metals and materials include gold and silver. You can also opt for different materials, such as diamonds, gemstones, and even shells and pearls.


Gold has been cherished ever since ancient times. Gold is renowned for its beauty but also for its protection against tarnishing.

Real gold is soft, so gold is often combined with other metals for durability. You’ll know how much gold is used in your name necklace by looking at the Karatage. Gold jewelry with higher Karats contains more gold and gold jewelry with lower Karats contain less gold.

There are also different gold jewelry classifications that represent the type of jewelry you’re buying. “Gold-plated” is a common label you’ll see. Gold-plated jewelry is made of a different type of metal with a gold encasing over the metal.

You’ll also see different colors of gold. White gold and rose gold are the most common. These colors develop due to the different metals mixed in with gold. For example, a white gold name necklace will have higher amounts of silver and rose gold has higher amounts of copper.

Sterling silver

Silver is another common metal you’ll see in name necklaces. Silver is a soft metal, which is why many jewelers opt for sterling silver. Sterling silver mixes copper in with silver, resulting in a more durable piece of jewelry.

Silver jewelry is graded based on the percentage of silver in a piece. For example, a piece with 99.9% silver will be labeled as 999 silver. You’ll often see 925 sterling silver, which contains 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of alloys (usually copper).

Other materials

You may add stylish aspects to your name necklaces, such as gemstones, diamonds, and shells.

Name necklaces featuring gemstones are becoming more common. The gemstones are usually added as an accent. Common gemstones examples include birthstones or other favorite gems.

Diamond-plated name necklaces are increasing in popularity. The diamonds are embedded into the engraved name, giving your name necklace more sparkle and shine.

Other accents, such as pearls and shells, are becoming more common. Pearls and shells are more affordable and as lovely as gemstones. Shell necklaces are a serious trend and look beautiful when adorned with your name.


Most jewelers use an engraving technique to carve your name into the metal. The engraving is done using a combination of different tools and steps.

Drill cutting machines and curving machines cut the metal and engrave your name using the chosen font. Jewelers will then craft and polish the metal so it’s ready to wear.


With the popularity of name necklaces, more styles and trends are being introduced.

One of the most significant trends is two name necklaces. These are perfect gifts for a lover or a best friend. These necklaces are often adorned with a symbol such as a heart or an infinity sign to represent everlasting love.

3D name necklaces and nameplates can be customized with different accents, metals, gems, and other customizations for an eye-popping effect.

Name necklaces come in more styles than just a carved name. Bar name necklaces feature a rectangular bar made of different types of metal. The name and message of your choice are carved in the metal.

Other trending styles include lockets and photo necklaces.

Name necklaces aren’t only available for English names. There are specialized name necklaces for Arabic names and for any other language that doesn’t use the English alphabet.

Wearing occasions

Name necklaces are the perfect jewelry piece for many different occasions. But the name necklace you choose may depend on where or when you plan on wearing it.

If you want to wear your name necklace daily, choose a small and simple name necklace. You can also choose one with individualistic properties, such as a name necklace with a birthstone.

The best aspect of small and simple name necklaces is they can also be worn to formal occasions. They’re subtle enough to wear with a gown and can complement any outfit.

Certain name necklace styles are better suited for formal wear.

Any name necklace adorned with diamonds and other gemstones is more exquisite than the traditional name necklace, not ideal for daily or casual wear. Even necklaces worn with higher gold and silver grades should only be worn sparingly.

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